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congress 2011

Nordic Building Forum 2011
was held in the brand new Helsinki Music Centre on 1-2 September 2011, with the post-tour "Helsinki by the sea" on 3 September.
The main theme of the congress was "The Energy Efficient Community".

The congress was part of the official World Design Capital Helsinki 2012 program.

Final program (889 kt)

Speakers and presentations


The aim of the Nordic Building Forum is to encourage cooperation and networking within the building and real estate sector in the Nordic countries.

The goal is mainly achieved through conferences and lectures, professional meetings, and other activities. The first conference was organized in Stockholm in 1927, and the tradition has continued ever since. In 2005 the conference took place in Reykjavik and 2007 in Stockholm.

Nowadays, the geographical interest of the NBF also comprises the Baltic Sea region. Between conferences, there are seminars on current topics. For example, in 2004 the Danish section organized a seminar in Warsaw, Poland, and in September 2006 the Finnish section organized a seminar in St. Petersburg, Russia.

In addition to these activities, local sections organize other events and tours for professionals in the building sector.

Seminar in St. Petersburg
14th-16th of September, 2006

Lectures from the seminar in pdf-format are available here>>