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Seminar on Construction in St. Petersburg 14 - 16 September, 2006

The seminar program and lectures are available in pdf-format below
- program (pdf 1,07 MB)
- lectures in .zip format, download here>>

Environmental Policy of St.Petersburg
(pdf 3,7 MB)
Dmitry A. Golubev, Chairman of the Committee, Administration of St.Petersburg, Committee for Nature Use, Environmental Protection and Ecological Safety

Twinning co-operation in Water Supply and Sewerage between Helsinki and St.Petersburg (pdf 94 KB)
Rainer Lindberg, Project Manager, Helsinki Water, City of Helsinki

Building Act and Building Regulations in Finland, Prevention of Errors in Construction (pdf 173 KB)
Helena Säteri, Director, Head of the Building Division, Finnish Ministry of the Environment
Ramboll Group: Value in Cross-Organizational Cooperation
(pdf 1,66 MB)
Hans Weckman, Director, Business Development and Nadja Gustafsson, Marketing Manager, Ramboll Finland Oy
Saint-Gobain in Russia: Solution for Lightweight Building and Insulation
(pdf 2,08 MB)
Juha Ryyppö, Director, Business Development and Foreign Sales & Marketing, Saint-Gobain Isover Oy
Implementation Models in Railway Construction and New Railway Projects
(pdf 1,06 MB)
Kari Ruohonen, Investment Director, Finnish Rail Administration
Construction Market and Development Plans in St.Petersburg
- greetings (pdf 15 KB)
- presentation in Russian (pdf 210 KB)
- presentation in English (pdf 53 KB)
Aleksander I. Vakhmistrov, Vice-governor, Government of Saint-Petersburg
Real Estate Development in Russia (in English, pdf 967 KB) and in Russian (pdf 1,05 MB)
Veli-Matti Kullas, Managing Director, SRV Russia Ltd, Main Sponsor of the Seminar
Market Facts and Property Investment Practices in St.Petersburg (pdf 4,71 MB)
Olga A. Potiforova, General Director, Government of St.Petersburg
Architectural Design in St.Petersburg and in the Baltic Countries
(pdf 9,74 MB)
Vesa Peltonen, Director of Architecture, Evata Finland Oy
Building with Wood - Modern Wooden Town
(pdf 11,7 MB)
Mikko Viljakainen, Director, Woodfocus Oy
New Design Techniques and Flexible Project Management
(pdf 14,64 MB)
Patrick Eriksson, Architect SAFA, Chairman, CEJ Architects
Construction with Prefabricated Concrete
Dmitry Titarev, Consolis Russia, pdf 2,05 MB>>
Sakari Sipilä, Consolis Technology, pdf 1,3 MB>>
Adding Value to Real Estate through Branding and Innovative City Planning
(pdf 8,93 MB)
Matti Mannonen, Managing Director, WSP Finland
Housing Development in St.Petersburg
(pdf in English 1,46 MB), in Russian pdf 1,34 MB
Pekka Entelä, President, NCC Inernational Oy
Nordic Building Forum Conference 2007, Stockholm
(pdf 4,17 MB)
Presentation, NBF Sweden